No water?

Water. Oh, how we take it for granted!

Just 48 hours after fixing the washing machine, I was perturbed that it wasn’t filling with water. Well, it was dribbling very slowly. Blocked filter? No. No water at the tap.

I went outside to check the main tap, and saw a crew working across the road, and a lot of water in the gutter. OK, it’ll be a little while.

It’s surprising how many times I attempted to use water, in just one hour, continually forgetting that it was unavailable. We’re just so used to water always being there.

Less than a year ago, I was sitting near the pump in a village in India, talking with the locals. I say “the” pump because it was shared between many homes and perhaps hundreds of people. In this place, there was plenty of water if you’re willing to work the handle, and carry the water to where you need it. However, the water was contaminated in a way that causes people’s joints to swell, especially knee joints. This visit was not about water, but the organisers also conduct journeys to install water tanks and/or long life filters in places that desperately need it.

And here I am, noticing the inconvenience of just one hour without reticulated water.

Maybe now is a good time to donate a water filter to someone who needs it.

Getting clean water from… muck?